Wedding Decoration

Our wedding decoration usually meet the desired theme of the couple and it’s budget. we have samples like chabby chic theme, old navy theme, or more like the classic them.

The Chabby Chic Theme


From the Church down to the Reception decoration you will see its simplicity. As what the couple wanted light colors for the flowers. Perfect for Simplicity…

The Old Navy Theme

This theme usually used a blue motif as what the theme goes. A  touch of blue flowers and curtains.

The Classic Theme

All theme may apply either in church or outdoor like this garden type wedding. This Classic theme uses light color of flowers for the ceremony and the motif will apply in the reception.

The Bridal Bouquet

This are the sample our our bridal bouquet. The red roses with stargazer white i best for classic red motif. the cascading bouquet and round pink bouquet is best for chabby chic theme and the blue hydreanges with white roses and stargazers is best for Navy theme.

Our wedding package:

Entourage Bouquet

  •      Bridal bouquet, maid of honor, brides maids
  •      Boutonnieres – Groom, best man , grooms men,
  •      Flower Girls- basket with petals or with headress
  •      Fathers- Corsages
  •       Mothers- bunch bouquet
  •      Primary Sponsors- male- corsages
  •      primary Sponsors-female- bunch bouquet or wristlets
  •      Secondary sponsors-male-corsages female-wristlet

Church Decoration or Ceremonial Set-up

  •     Entrance- Arc with flowers or standees
  •     Aisle flower stands with red Carpet
  •     Altar flowers with Candle Standee
  •     Floral Offertory
  •     Bridal car decoration
  •     Flowers to be use usually light colors. or it may depend on the couple.

Reception Decoration or Venue Set-up

  •      Stage Set-up or styling depend on the theme or motif.
  •      Ceiling draping/swagging with accessories ( The style will depend on the theme. This is usually an additional budget on top of the package.)
  •      Flowers for center table for the guests, presidential, sponsors and parents  ( we used cup, vase(fiber) or vase(glass), boxes(wood), Steal)
  •       Lights effect for stage and for the entire venue.
  •       Additional used for Fog machine


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Mobile Number: 09066362100( Reymark Velez)

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