The Valentine’s Day 2017

One of the most busiest day of my life is the Valentine’s Day. Yes it is, not only for us but all couples out their celebrating this event. An annual celebration where couples or lovers surprising each other. this is so sweet and lovable to see. But for us who are selling flowers on that day were truly the excessive work to do. Overnight, no sleep, continuous orders, overload to the max.

Well for my first ever blog to do, let me share to you some of our work. Let me introduce my self, I am Reymark Velez, 24, a full time florist in my mum’s flower shop and an enthusiast on  flower arrangement. Together  with the team is my Mum, Suzette, my sisters Cindy and Cora, ante Peping and Tata. We are all together to work that day.

First of all this year’s Valentine’s Day is full of sweetness and cuteness. Well i am talking about chocolates and Stuff toys in different characters. We did it last year but this V DAY was different. We created Chocolate bouquet, stuff toy bouquet or a combination of flowers.

Here are some samples:


An assorted Chocolate with bears and roses in a bouquet. Actually this was a personalized arrangement as what my clients wanted to be. My client contacted me from Kuwait thru Facebook and  delivered it to Dipolog, Zamboanga City, an outside the City delivery. For a birthday surprise of her boyfriend. Yes the girl surprised her boyfriend. It was full of sweetness that day. How we do our delivery? It was Handed by our delivery man from Cdo to Dipolog. And the  Bouquet delivered on time and surprised the celebrant.

This Valentine’s Day, I am very honored to offer to our customers the Ecuadorian Roses. An imported roses come from Ecuador. Yes, our supplier from Manila bring us this Luxurious Roses with good quality of roses. Giant and in long stem(70cm).We have red, light pink and coral peach color. you can see the difference between the local and the imported one. You might say Wow in your mouth when you see it in person, because personally when i saw it I can say that Cagay-anons will truly love this roses. This is best for those who wanted to give a single roses for their love one, ‘coz single rose with giant petals surely they will loved it.

We made also a set of package for those who wanted a set of flower bouquet with bear and stuff toy.

Variety of choices made for the customer to choose which one is fit for their wants and budget. let me start with a single roses combined with either the small or big bears. we have also the 1dozen of roses with balloon and single bear. Next is a dozen of red roses with big white bear and Ferrero Roucher chocolate in a box (16pcs). And the last one is the Assorted Flowers in a bouquet with big white bear and a box of 16pcs ferrero roucher. The last one is the most likable or let say the top ordered among the package I have. It is a little bit expensive but i can say that it is worth the price.

A variety of character stuff toys were available on that day, but i wanted  this to be available anytime. So that for those who want to give a birthday presence or a celebrating an occasion, our stuff toys will be their. From bear, to pandas, to hello kiity and to melody and stitch.


As what the trend today, a stuff toy bouquet went viral on our facebook page and more inquiries goes by and a lot of orders from our valued customers.

This are some of our worked we made. A mix of character stuff toys, Ferrero Roucher, Roses and wrapped on its particular color combination that fits to the arrangements. Let me introduce the top ordered bouquet which is the violet wrapper bouquet and the pure ferrero bouquet. Maybe because they see it unique and sweet when it will be given. Customers are customer, they just look the uniqueness of the products and how it will be done to be more attractive.

And now our top seller of that day was the roses with ferrero bouquet.


This is actually a “pangmasa” Bouquet. You will see its simplicity of the arrangement and its outstanding beauty. The price is not so expensive, so most of our customers wanted it. and the motif of the bouquet is match for the Valentine’s Day.

I was surprised for that day on how the demand was growing in just single event like that. I might say that last year’s V day is not totally the same as this year. Our supply of flowers especially the roses were out of stock in early afternoon…And I want to be honest that not all of our work especially to our delivery services was perfect as 100% goal. Due to the bulk of orders, some of our delivery were failed, most of them came late. Maybe nothing is perfect and whatever you do to serve your custome

r perfectly, problem will occur at all times. I personally made a communication for some of our customer who actually had a problem to our services and settled the problem immediately but before that I gave my apology each one of them as my respect.

I thank God for the settled problem and giving us a Big blessings because most of our customers were satisfied on our work and services. Thank you to our valued “sukis’ for patronizing us…thank you also for the team who made their best to serve the customers. we did it now and we will do it next year…

For more inquiry regarding our product and services you may contact us to the following:

Facebook page: Suzette Velez flowers CDO


Mobile number: 09066362100(Reymark velez)

Main Website:


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